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Letter of concerns about DMC sent to legislators

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC)- When there is an issue that concerns you in your area, it may lead you to write a letter to your legislative leaders. Two Rochester residents are taking that route regarding Destination Medical Center, and they have a lot to say.

Business-owner John Kruesel and Olmsted County District Judge Kevin Lund spent days looking over the DMC legislation to fully grasp the matter, and from that comes a letter bringing to light serious question.

Destination Medical Center bills are rushing through the Minnesota state legislature, and two long-time Rochester residents are saying "slow down."

"To make this decision in four months, something that's groundbreaking," explains Lund, "and I think anyone would tell you that there is no model for this anywhere, to be asked to do that in four months in not only the legislature but the community is just fundamentally unfair."

In a direct letter to key state legislators, both Kruesel and Lund offer numerous points that they feel need to be addressed, and are not holding back.

"There are a lot of people in this community who are afraid to question the Mayo Clinic," says Lund, "and I just think that is the wrong approach."

Especially when a main theme of their letter is the heightened number of unanswered questions, including the topic of eminent domain use.

"Thus far, we don't know what isn't up for grabs," says Kruesel. "Hopefully not the Foundation House or the Plummer Building and the Crawford Library and the Episcopal Church, but that hasn't even been guaranteed."

It may largely come down to a level of transparency that they both feel is a must with this project.

"How long has this been in the works? Who have been the participants?" asks Kruesel. "Because I think in the essence of complete transparency and disclosure, the people want to know."

Even with their concerns, their intentions are to offer information as the journey with Destination Medical Center continues.

"We're not trying to derail this legislation," Lund says, "we're just trying to slow it down a bit so that everybody knows what the true implications are

Kruesel and Lund hope that their fifteen points are addressed before any decision on the DMC project is made, but time in the legislative session is running down. It is a point that both men feel is even more of a reason to get the answers they need.

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