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Wild horse adoptions


CANNON FALLS, Minn. (KTTC) -- About 40 wild horses and burros are up for adoption in Cannon Falls this weekend.

The adoptions are through the U.S. Department of Interior Bureau of Land Management, but after recent cases of alleged horse abuse and neglect in our area, how do they make sure the animals go to a safe home?

Anyone looking to adopt a wild horse at an event like the one this weekend needs to fill out  paperwork to prove they meet adoption requirements, and lying on that paperwork is considered a federal offense.

Adopters need to have a proper corral and shelter for animals as well as the ability to properly feed them and provide veterinary and farrier care. 
They also need to provide maps to the location where the animals will be held.
Karen Dumke met all the requirements in advance and adopted four horses today that she plans to train to be ridden at her home in central Wisconsin.
"I think you have to be patient," Dumke said. "It's part of a process I think that's a challenge, but how wonderful once you've taught that horse to be tamed and be able to ride it. I think it's very fulfilling."
Dumke says she hasn't adopted wild horses before but is fascinated by the American Mustang and it's place in history.
The horses up for adoption this weekend were found out on western public rangelands and are descendents of animals released by or escaped from Spanish explorers, ranchers, miners, U.S. cavalry or native Americans.


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