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Written Testimonials


"We are just so pleased to have HBC. Everything is working just perfectly. You know, we had Charter, and they are just plain rude and uncaring. I never got a call like this from them, and I know I never would. That's why we have you."

  - David and Kathy P.

 "Oh yes, everything is great, fantastic really. ...We had heard so much about your service from our friends. It was all true!  We are just so very happy!"

 - Megan S.

 "I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the president of HBC calling to leave a message to welcome me as a new customer and to make sure everything was working good for me!! Kudos to HBC, you guys are awesome. So much friendlier than the "other Internet company in town. :-) You make a person really feel like they picked the right company to service them."

- Rachel G.

" ...Thank you for the inspired confidence from doing a job so well each and every time you visited my business and my home. It inspires me to want to improve my personal and customer service. Your care is infectious in this community. I know that when I call you, you will help me regardless. Your service people have always gone above and beyond."

- A Permanently Happy HBC Customer


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