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Lyle School Board moves to hire new superintendent


LYLE, Minn. (KTTC) -- A school district in a small Minnesota town is moving forward with plans to hire a new superintendent a year after their former superintendent stepped down amid controversy.

The school board in Lyle chose candidates to interview for the position of superintendent Monday.

Monday's meeting only took about half an hour and went smoothly as board members selected four candidates for superintendent.

All board members agreed easily on their choices, although the candidates names will not be made public until they set up an interview with the board.

Last February, the school board unanimously approved the resignation of Superintendent Jim Dusso.

Dusso's tenure had been controversial. In a September 2011 board meeting, board members walked out as the then Board Treasurer Dan King read aloud a letter sent by other board members asking him to step down.

King had spoken out against the controversial superintendent.

Now current board members say they're glad to see the school district move forward.

"Definitely with the new decision we're going to try to get a superintendent and a principle in the building, so two faces instead of one," said Board Chair Brandon Slowinski. "And setting up our 5-year-track-plan again and going back onto a normal school schedule."

School board members will conduct the superintendent interviews on the 19 and 23 of February.

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