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How will Mayo's DMC change downtown?

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- One major part of Destination Medical Community is an expansion of private business in Rochester. There are still a lot of possibilities as to what this could mean for the city.

Destination Medical Community research shows a large satisfaction gap for both patients of the Mayo Clinic and people who live and work in downtown Rochester.

They're much happier with what the Mayo Clinic has to offer than they are with the quality of life and things to do in the city.

Events like Thursdays on First are one of the things that patients we spoke with and locals all seemed to enjoy, and Mayor Ardell Brede says using events like those as template to improve is something the city will be looking into.

"All of those things add quality to the experience in Rochester and we just have to see how can we expand that and do even more," Brede said about Thursdays on First.

We spoke with several visitors to Rochester -- some frequent and some who only come once a year or less -- to get an idea of what they thought Rochester needed.

"When I was a single person, there wasn't as much to do as far as nightlife options and recreational opportunities," said Karen Grenz, who used to live in Rochester but now lives in Pine Island.

"I don't know if you guys have art galleries. I mean that is something that I think would be interesting for people," said Elaine Hardee who was visiting from South Dakota.

"If you get here Saturday or Sunday you have to wait until the clinic opens and there really isn't much to do," Norman Campbell who was visiting from Michigan

Most patients and visitors we talked to said they spend a lot of time not on the Mayo Clinic campus...and just want more options of things to do that are walking distance from hotels.

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