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6 rescued horses euthanized

ZIMMERMAN, Minn. (FOX 47) -- The very latest in the case 55 rescued horses on a Leroy Farm, and a first time look at how they are doing since the rescue.

The horses, ponies and donkeys had been recuperating at the University of Minnesota and have moved to caretakers just outside the Twin Cities.

On November 30th law enforcement took over 80-year-old Wilbur Schmoll's home near Leroy, upon arrival they found 55 Malnourished horses, ponies and mules. 

We've now been told 6 horses have been euthanized.

There are currently seven other animals from the Fillmore county case located on Drew Fitzpatrick's farm in Zimmerman, another batch are located in Winsted.  Fitzpatrick says in her past 25 years of helping horses, this is the largest case she's seen, and says it's a lot of work but knows what needs to be done.  "Although we did keep the skinniest animals in a heated facility, the University of Minnesota, as long as we could, the other horses that were thin they had to be blanketed, they had to be segregated they have to be fed individually," she said.  "You have to be careful which chemicals you use on their outside to get rid of the lice, and the chemicals that you have to use internally to get rid of the worms so that you don't kill them through trying to help them."

Fitzpatrick says the animals still have a long road ahead.  "They're all moving forward. Every single one of them is moving forward," she said.  "So there was no poison. There was no reason for these animals to not be in good condition. There was no reason other than they weren't getting fed. They weren't being cared for."

The facts will get sorted through in Fillmore County Court where Wilbur Schmoll is due to appear on January 15 on 24 counts of animal cruelty and a charge of improper disposal of a carcass.

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