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Exploring the airport lost and found

ROCHESTER Minn. (KTTC) -- By now, you're likely home safe from all of your holiday travels, and if you're lucky, you made it back without losing anything important or embarrassing along the way.

At Rochester International Airport, they collect everything that gets left behind -- no matter how important, small or bizarre it may seem.

Most of the stuff that ends up in the airport lost and found is pretty typical.

Currently the have about ten pairs of eye glasses mixed with some gloves, scarves and other clothes.

They also get plenty of more expensive things that people normally quickly call in for and pick up.

"Most of the expensive things are electronics -- laptops, cell phones, those kind of things," said Nancy Curry who works in the airport administration office.

One time they even found a wedding ring which they managed to return to a very grateful bride.

But among the stray ID's, books and umbrellas, they sometimes find some things you wouldn't expect, including boxes of Hershey's chocolate.

But no matter how strange the item, they hold on to it for a few months to see if anyone calls for it, and then the small stuff -- chocolate, cigarettes and single gloves -- get tossed, but more useful items, like those from one of their stranger finds, get donated.

"There was a really strange case one time when we got a whole bag of clothes, like somebody came to the airport and changed their clothes or something then left the bag in the bathroom."

Clothes and other useful items go to Goodwill, the glasses will eventually be donated to the Lions Club, and if they get a cell phone, they usually try to call a number and return it.

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