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Update: Winter road conditions


ROCHESTER, Minn (KTTC) - White out conditions made for a difficult commute today canceling school and most activities. 

Many blizzard warnings remains in effect until midnight Thursday. Roads will likely be covered in snow and remain slick at least until the wind subsides.Despite crews working around the clock, salt and sand would be wasted in these conditions.

If you were hoping for a White Christmas, you may be getting a little more than you bargained for. Welcome to the blizzard of 2012. It's just Mother Nature's way of reminding us it's December in Minnesota.

MnDOT's Kristin Kammueller says, "Every winter with the first few snow storms people just need to get used to driving in the snow again."

Spee-Dee Delivery's Gary Coffin says he expect to see "white-out, slippery roads, accidents all over the place."

One of many accidents, slick roads sent an SUV off Highway 63 and down a steep hill near the Rochester airport.

Motorist Allen Parkinson says, "You can expect something like this... or worse."

Snow plow crews are working around the clock to clear roads but the winds are making progress slow meaning think twice before heading out.

Kammueller says, "If you don't have to go anywhere, don't. If it's really necessary you leave the house just look out your window just look out your window. If you're having a hard time seeing down the driveway then maybe it's not the best time to go."

Others are still called to duty with Christmas just around the corner these last few days are crucial for deliveries.

Coffin says, "Especially now, gotta get the packages through."

Kammueller explains, "They're out there trying to do their job and make the roads as safe as possible for all motorists so just give them room to work."

Maybe motorists can also consider finding something to do inside instead of going out on the roads.

Parkinson says he will probably "get a little bite to eat, go back to the house and talk to myself and play the guitar."

With blustery conditions expected to continue, and all of winter ahead of us remember to put safety first and drive carefully especially as plows flood the highways.

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