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Carbon monoxide scare in northwest Rochester


ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- A carbon monoxide scare in Rochester Monday has authorities reminding residents to keep detectors on every floor of the house.

Eric Boline was at work when his wife called, saying she could smell gas in the basement. Boline called the fire department. 

Firefighters detected carbon monoxide in the house. Boline's two children were taken to Saint Marys Hospital in Rochester to be tested for carbon monoxide poisoning. The two kids were tested and released.

The Boline's detector was on the main level, but didn't go off because authorities say it was plugged in next to an air freshener in the same outlet, which was offsetting the sensors in the detector.

"Luckily, according to the fire department, my wife was able to smell gas in the house. Because, had she not, he said, you could have come home a couple hours later and found something totally different," Boline said.

Authorities want to remind you to make sure carbon monoxide detectors are working properly and to have one on every level of the house, away from other objects.

The Bolines had their heater replaced, but had they not detected it by the smell in the house, the situation could have been much worse.

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