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Jill Biden visits north Iowa


MASON CITY, Iowa (KTTC) -- Dr. Jill Biden visited northern Iowa Friday afternoon to kickoff a weekend of campaigning in the Midwest. Many people gathered to meet the vice president's wife at the Floyd County Democratic Headquarters in Charles City.

Biden thanked local volunteers and encouraged voters to head to the polls before November 6. 

"This election is about connecting people in a very real way," said Biden.  "Even if Joe weren't running, I'd still be involved in this campaign for many reasons."

Some of those reasons include her role as a full-time teacher and blue star mom.  Biden's son, Beau, served in Iraq.  Experiences that she shared with the audience.

"When Barack and Joe were elected one of the things, as a mom, that I really wished for the most was that we would end the war in Iraq," said Biden. "And Barack kept his promise and he got us out of there."

Biden briefly met with locals before moving on to Mason City where about 100 people were awaiting her arrival.  There, the wars were just some of the major issues on their minds.

"Women's issues.  That comes to my mind right away," said Carol Iverson of Mason City.  "And the veterans, I'm very passionate about that, too.  We've got to let people in the Middle East take care of their own countries."

For others, the economy is what has them rushing to the polls.  According to volunteers with party headquarters in Iowa, more than one third of registered Democrats have already cast their ballots.

"People in north Iowa and around the Midwest know that we've got one candidate, President Obama, who supports and understands the middle class," said Jim Lalor, a volunteer with the grassroots Obama reelection campaign in north Iowa.  "The other candidate just has no grasps of the middle class, it's values, it's wants or fears."

Like many Americans across the nation, healthcare reform is what they're voting for this year.  Volunteer, Joy Newcom, is from Forest City where she resides with her husband and adult son with disabilities.

"For me, it's really hard when I hear the campaign rhetoric still be about healthcare and having it possibly be repealed, because we need that," said Newcom. "We've gained a lot with the affordable healthcare act and we like and need what Obamacare has already been giving our family."

The second lady's visit to Iowa was the first state she'll be visiting in the region. She's scheduled to campaign in Minnesota and Wisconsin on Saturday.

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