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Faith leaders go public in favor of Marriage Amendment


ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- A number of prominent religious leaders from southeastern Minnesota took a public stand Monday in favor of the "one man, one woman" marriage amendment on the November ballot.

In three weeks, voters will decide whether to define marriage in Minnesota, and at the Ramada Inn in Rochester leaders from different faith orientations came together to urge people to vote "yes" in favor of what many call "traditional marriage." 

Many believe this could ultimately block same-sex marriage.

The gathering at the Ramada was made up of leaders from multiple faiths including Roman Catholics, Lutherans, Mormons, Evangelical Protestants and Muslims.

Conservative-leaning Catholics and Evangelicals are among the amendment's most ardent supporters.

"As the Catholic community we believe that marriage is unique. It's between one man and one woman and that's for the procreation and the raising of the children," comments Bishop John Quinn of the Winona Diocese.

The Roman Catholic church is the largest religious denomination in Minnesota, with close to 1.1 million members.

Leaders from all faiths gave their reason for supporting the traditional "sanctity" of marriage.

Some say same-sex laws restrict religion.

As the representative of the Berean Church of Hastings, Pastor Brad Brandon explains, "It's not long before same sex legislation is passed and it's not long after that, that we see the rights of Christians, the rights of people of faith their rights begin to dissolve. At that point the government becomes involved"

They fear that decision making in the church and personal lives will be lost, but that's only one side to one of the elections most controversial battles.

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