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Marriage amendment battle gaining more attention


ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC)-- With about 6 weeks until the November election the marriage amendment battle is gaining more attention across the state.

Not all church leaders in Rochester have addressed the issue to their congregations yet, but as the election draws near the marriage amendment has come to the forefront.

Driving by homes in Rochester, a yard sign reads say Yes to the marriage amendment... Yet the next yard's sign reads the opposite, "Vote No... Don't Limit the Freedom to Marry." It's an example of how split Minnesotans are on the issue.

At Christ Community Church in Rochester, Senior Pastor Paul Brushaber supports the amendment. It would strengthen an existing gay marriage ban by putting it in Minnesota's constitution, "It's very hard for churches to do this because then they're viewed as hypocritical or judgemental, and it's a very difficult balance to maintain."

Pastor Paul plans on writing a letter to the congregation about the amendment, "The challenge for people with a very conservative view of the scriptures.... is to make sure that both of the values we see in Jesus and both the values we see in the new testament, are represented and that is the value of the truth and we believe the scriptures are relevant to teach the truth, and the value of grace and love."

Many Catholics struggle with this same sentiment, which is why some met in Rochester to discuss the Church's stand and Catholic social teaching.

Colette Sweeney says, "If people can discuss it then they are able to talk about their fears, talk about their concerns in an open way and in that way they become better informed instead of being told there's only one way to think."

She says regardless of people's religious views, this is a civil matter, "Jesus was about love and we are talking about committed loving relationships and supporting that and that makes our society better. It also makes the rights of everyone the same."

It's a discussion that won't end even after the November election.

Also new campaign ads are hitting the airwaves.

"Minnesotans United for all Families" started running a new television ad campaigning against the marriage amendment.

The campaign in support of the amendment plans to start airing its own TV ads around October 1st.

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