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Mayo Civic Center not receiving funding for expansion project


ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- The Mayo Civic Center expansion project is the hot topic in Rochester after an announcement that said, once again, the project is denied state funding.

So what happens with the project now?

Gov. Mark Dayton announced recipients of grant money from the Department of Employment and Economic Development, and the Mayo Civic Center did not make the cut.

"You know, extremely disappointed, but I have to admit there's almost a bit of anger in it at this point, like it shouldn't be," said Rochester Mayor Ardell Brede. "I think it's somewhat of a flawed process. This is bonding, and the place it should've been is in the bonding bill."

Projects receiving funding are a stadium for the St. Paul Saints, parking projects in Duluth, wellness initiatives in Wadena and a light rail system in the Twin Cities.

Was the project a political casualty?

"You think? Well, it's interesting," said Brede. "When it first came about that there was going to be money put over to DEED, the phrase that came with it and the comment that was said was 'Well, now it will take it out of the political arena,' and I looked at the person telling me that and I said 'You're not so naive to think that's not going to be political.'"

The news from Governor Mark Dayton is not something the people in Rochester and those with the Mayo Civic Center wanted to hear, but the important thing to take into consideration is where the project goes from this point forward.

"All of those things will have to be evaluated now, and that's probably not going to happen in the next week or month or so," said Brede. "There's elections going on, we could have a different council and legislators, so in some way you start over."

This may not be the end for the project, but for now any thoughts of repair or expansion will have to be put on hold.

Even receiving a portion of the funding may not have been enough to get things started.

Now they will have to wait until next year to start the process all over again.

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