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An update on Ryder LeBaugh's medical condition


NEAR LANESBORO, Minn. (KTTC) --  We've been following his story for more than a year and he's still in the fight for his life. A fundraiser is being held this weekend for one little boy who has spent much of his life in and out of the hospital.

It was July of 2011, when we first introduced you to this brown-eyed cutie, Ryder LeBaugh. Now at the age of three, he has undergone more than 30 surgeries, including a kidney transplant. His mother spoke to us about the transplant after his surgery.

Life hasn't been easy for Ryder, nor his mother Mandy, since conception. Just three months into pregnancy and Ryder was having medical complications in the womb. Doctors told Mandy to terminate her pregnancy, but to her, that wasn't even an option. They were a team, fighting together.

"One day at a time, one breathe as it goes," described Mandy.

Just this month, the family traveled to visit Mickey Mouse it was Ryder's 'Make a Wish'. Soon after returning home, Ryder fell ill with CMV, an infection that preys on weakened immune systems.

"He got really sick and ended up in the hospital and it attacked his entire body. He just got out yesterday after being there for a week," said Mandy.

The family has battled one medical condition after another since Ryder's birth and with that, has come medical bills. This weekend, an annual event, raised money for Ryder.

"Scottie Fest is here to help a child and their family in need and it's also an awesome reason to party to some music," said Karri Ellingson.

Event organizers Karri and Scott Ellingson said it's a weekend of live music, food, camping, and a silent auction with all proceeds going to the LeBaugh Family.

"A child that has had so many medical issues in their life and have never really just been able to be a kid," explained Karri.

For Scott, the event is therapeutic. He also suffers from his own medical conditions, but all of the money raised, always goes to a child in need.

"I just like to give it away to someone else, it's medicine for me," stated Scott.

Ryder's mother, Mandy said he still is not out of the woods. He will continue going to occupational therapy and hopefully be able to get rid of his feeding tube, but amid the doctors visits he'll start preschool next week.

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