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3 pigs with flu-like symptoms isolated at fair

FALCON HEIGHTS, Minn. (FOX 47) -- It's not flu season but you still can catch the flu. One place you run the risk of picking up the latest strain of variant H3N2 influenza is at county and state fairs.

At this point no one has caught the flu at the Minnesota State Fair. Fair officials say three pigs have been put in isolation while the results of their swine flu tests are pending.

Dr. Tom Hagerty is an official veterinarian at the state fair. He says it's not uncommon for swine flu viruses to be circulating among hogs, but the one that seems to making humans sick now, is the H3N2 virus. It's a fancy name for influenza and the symptoms and signs are the same.

"Going to be looking at his nose, his eyes, to see if he has any runny eyes and also to see if he is hurting in any way, if he is stiff and sore," said Hagerty as he examined a pig.

If vets find a pig they think is sick, they'll check its temperature and take a nasal swab. Within 48 hours they typically have results back.

"They will be moved into isolation as soon as we find them and that they are sick we move them out of the big barn and into an isolation barn where they are kept away from other pigs," said Hagerty.

In order to make sure you don't become sick, Dr. Hagerty suggests washing your hands with soap and water before leaving the barn.

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