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On the Road: Floating along the Zumbro

ZUMBRO RIVER (KTTC) --  There are quaint little towns tucked along the river, but it takes being on the Zumbro itself to really get a sense of life on the water.

Teresa Williams says, "When you have an eagle scoop..almost hand reachable that is awesome and we saw 6 or 8 of them...This is something I had never seen was a little cow had come down to the river to get a drink of water."

Teresa Williams and Lu Herbeck traveled from Northfield and Elko to ride 14 miles down the Zumbro river.

Williams and Herbeck say, "This river is a really peaceful one. It's pretty easy. You know I've done a few other ones and a couple of low spots where you're...it's just a nice easy gentle ride."

All along the river you'll find people who will rent you canoes, kayaks and paddles, or help you go tubing.

Pit stops along the 50 mile long stretch give you the opportunity to pick how far you want to drift.

A group of riders says, "We're going to tie ourselves together so we don't get separated. 'What happens if you are left behind?' You just go on the side hit currents or swim up."

And this warm summer has made the sparkling waters of the Zumbro a dream destination, as if you couldn't ask for a more relaxing environment.

Tim Smith and his family were out for the day. He says, "It's 3 or 3.5 hours down the river and for $10 a tube it's cheaper than a movie."

And you might get the feeling that you are actually in a movie when you float down the river and see things like this: A young deer coming out of the woods to splash around and cool off.

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