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Black bear roundup, regional bear sightings continue


PRESTON, Minn. (KTTC) -- It's not your classic story of the three little bears. It's more in the ballpark of five, six, or seven.  Numerous reports of bear sightings have been reported in our region.  Not just to the Minnesota DNR but also from our viewers. 

As of late, there's been a common conversation starter around the region.


Last Friday in Preston, a black bear could be seen outside Kathy Tesmer's place of work: a daycare filled with young children.  "They were very excited.  Not scared," said Tesmer.  "None of them were scared. But they were excited to see a bear.  A real bear."

On May 15, Terry Hovden was part of a small group of people who watched a bear appear in a Ridgeway, Iowa corn field. "This bear was even bigger than any bear we ever saw up in Canada," said Hovden.

Giving the small town quite the swirl of stories.

In Rochester on June 29, Donn Dahl witnessed a bear along Marion Road.  "He looked big to me," said Dahl.  "He was standing maybe two to three feet, his head, two or three feet above the top of the corn."

Not to be outdone.  On July 3, in Fountain City, Wis., a bear was photographed climbing from the shores of the Mississippi River cooling off from the summer heat.

And just a 1/2 mile south of Lewiston on Monday, a bear perused through a bean field long enough for a passerby to get some snap shots.

However, in the case of the Preston bear over the weekend, it preferred a different field.

"It came up here. And then went to the 30, then to the 50 and then to the tennis court," said Tesmer.  

What has caused this influx in bear sightings?  Male black bears are known to travel great distances during mating season.  Perhaps this year they've set their sights to the south.

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