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Luther college attempts to clear carbon footprint

DECORAH, Iowa (KTTC) --  Luther College is wrapping up their 1 million dollar solar energy project that will be used to produce energy for more than 100 of their students.

Just north of the campus, the six rows of solar panels are Luther College's latest major project in sustainability.

They will produce 280 kilowatts of electricity while the sun is shining and the angles that the panels are built at give them optimal year round production.

The energy is being used for student homes at Baker Village.

When the panels produce more electricity than is being consumed the left-overs will flow into the city's energy grid to power nearby homes in Decorah.

Luther College professor Jim Martin-Schramm says carbon neutrality has been a goal of college since 2007.

Martin-Schramm says, "Luther has made a commitment to cut our carbon footprint in half by 2015, 70 percent by 2020 and to be carbon neutral by 2030."

They hope to be in full operation and producing energy to students at Baker Village by the end of the summer.


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