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Regional heat comparable to Kuwait


ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- There's something that can be said for Wednesday's heat conditions... it's not as hot as it could be.  Take it from those who are working in temperatures above 110-degrees and working for us.

First Lieutenant Jeff Sabatke is no stranger to heat.

"I really got used to this over the last year," said 1st Lt. Sabatke.  The week of high temperatures are comparable to where he was deployed.  "It's got a little bit higher humidity here than over in Kuwait and Iraq."

The heat index in Kuwait reached the low 100-teens.  Still more than a Muggy Minnesota 105.  All magnified when wearing the battle gear.  Just the vest with essentials can weigh 5-10 lbs.  And that's without the 20 lb. bulletproof plates.

"The plates are really going to hike up the actual weight," said Sabatke.  "You have side plates. Then also a larger front and back plate that would be on the vest."  And the camel pack filled with water tacks on a couple more pounds.  "Instead of having your standard canteens on you it's attached to your back," he said.

When the full battle gear is fully assembled, Sabatke is holding an M-4 Rifle, another 7lbs., ammo another five, that brings the total ensemble into the 45-50 lb. range.

In 110 degrees that can make it feel like it's 130.  No matter how hot it is  "The biggest recommendation I can do is just remember what it's about. Enjoy it with your family because, like I said, there are people who aren't right now," Sabatke said.  It's something to keep in mind when battling the heat as those overseas continue the battle for us.  Sabatke returned from duty with the Red Bulls this last May.

Sabatke says as part of training to prepare for the heat in Iraq, they have some training down in the heat of Mississippi before deployment.

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