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Protect your animals from the extreme temps


NEAR EYOTA, Minn. (KTTC) -- Hot weather can take its toll on animals.While you can bring your four-legged friends inside that's not an option for livestock producers.

Walking outside on Tuesday, immediately most of us begin to sweat as it's the bodies way of helping us cool down.

Yet for many livestock animals, or pets including your pooch, Fido, their bodies don't allow them to do sweat, which makes it all the more important for owners to keep them safe in hot weather.

In this barn alone there are 500 dairy cows trying to beat the heat.

"Heat is just as stressful as the cold," said Dana Allen-Tully, with Gar-Lin Dairy Farms.

These milk producers aren't use to such high temperatures, nor are their bodies.

"Their thermal-neutral zone is more like 40 to 60 so they'd rather it be quite a bit cooler than it is now," stated Allen-Dully.

A happy, healthy cow is more likely to eat more and in turn produce more milk, giving Gar-lin Dairy Farms a higher milk production, and more money. So, what are area producers, like Dana Allen-Tully with Gar-Lin Dairy, doing to ensure their livestock stay cool?

"What we do to help, is we either use fans or water so it is evaporate cooling, so if we get their backs wet and put water on them that helps dissipate some of the heat. The other thing they would do is breathe through their mouth," explained Allen-Tully.

Within this building alone there are 30 fans. They kick on when the thermostat hits 62 degrees. If one of these cows was to die it would be about a 1,5000-dollar loss in profit. Allen-Tully said while it's hard to lose money, that's not producers main concern.

"The stress that she goes through to get to that point is probably what is harder on most of us that have livestock," stated Allen-Tully.

To livestock producers the well-being of their animals is a key priority, along with ensuring consumers receive only the best products.

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