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Remembering Dennis Hanson


ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC)-- Dennis Hanson was a Rochester native and City Council President.  At the age of 57, the man so full of life died yesterday after suffering a brain aneurysm. But today Dennis Hanson is remembered.

Born and raised in Rochester, Hanson spent 16 years working for Kruse Lumber and for those who knew him, a day on the job wasn't always what you would expect.

Kruse Lumber owner Brian Hodge says, "I never knew what he was going to come out being. You know he might of been riding a horse, or he might have been dressed up in a pink tux, or it might have been he had a skirt and high heels, I mean he was just a character, he was a showman."

Hanson is always pushing the envelope. Hodge goes on to say, "I could sit back and sometimes shake my head but I could look around and you know the faces were smiling and they'd go: Oh geeze that's so Dennis"

It didn't take long for the working relationship between Brian Hodge and Dennis to grow into a friendship. Hodge explains, "We'd be out socializing and he'd say: 'let's go. Everybody, let's go up to Denny's bar.' well you know, that's our house, let's go, and that's just the way he was."

That vibrant attitude carried over into everything Dennis was involved in. He was one of the founding architects behind the Downtown Alliance and sat on the board for 6 years.

Heidi Mestad of Rochester City Alliance says, "The city has been wonderful champions around it but Denny was one who would make things happen, make the environment what it was."

Jeff Amundson explains that Dennis was a voice for the people, "Watching him and listening to him and when I had the opportunity to talk to him he was really all about community."

Dennis was a long time city council president and a father, husband and friend to many.

Mestad says, "Amen Denny thank you so much for everything you've done and really celebrate all of his energy and excitement that we are now able to feel because of the way that he was and the person that he was."

The shocking loss has left a void. Outside Kruse Lumber reads "Dennis you will be greatly missed."


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