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MN veteran unemployment worse than U.S.

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- When we go on a vacation and come home, it may take a little bit to get back into the swing of things.  But when soldier get deployed, it's no vacation at all, and returning home can bring on all sorts of new challenges. One event at Mayo High School in Rochester is trying to make that process easier.

The relief of being back with their family and friends can be overwhelming.  For some soldiers, their battles continue when trying to pick up where they left off.  An event at Mayo High School, tried to lessen the stress.

"There's over a hundred employers here today and most of them are here with their H-R people to see what it is," said Disabled Veterans Outreach Program (DVOP) employee Scott Metcalf.  "They go to classes to learn 'what is it the veterans need for employment."

Metcalf does the majority of the busy-work for veterans when job searching.  "Some employers they want to cover that or some on a resume. Some want the objective, some will take one page some want two pages," said Metcalf.

Military veteran Termayne Frost understands the process from personal experience.  "All of the awards that you've been given, the things that you've seen, you're definitely not looking for a handout, but you're not exactly understanding what it is that the employers are looking for," he said.

Frost has worked the past two years for Hormel Foods.  Other veterans are still in the process of finding their niche at home.

"If you drive a Humvee, for example, you're not only responsible for driving that Humvee but also mechanical work. So that would translate to the civilian world as a mechanic," said Frost.

The veteran unemployment rate in Minnesota is 12%.  The United States' is 8%.

"We know everyday what is expected of us," said Frost.  "We know how to deliver those expectations to our subordinates but being able to do that in the civilian world and not being boastful about that... you know, it's difficult."


Operation Career Success - (July, 21,2012)

This event, conducted in partnership with the National Guard/Yellow Ribbon Organization, will provide 208 identified unemployed military veterans (there will be close to 1000 veterans and spouses in attendance; however 208 of them are identified for this particular slice of the program) with one-on-one sessions with HR professionals.  Those sessions will focus on resume writing, interviewing skills, career exploration and development.

Along with the one-on-one session for the identified 208 unemployed, "Operation Career Success" will have a "Providers Alley" program for the other hundreds of attendees (both veterans and spouses), from approximately Noon – 4pm, consisting of several different economic sectors available for the military veteran to engage with.  Within these sector area, the military veteran will have an opportunity to converse with  professionals representing various careers.  These conversations are career exploration…career development…it is not meant to be a job fair.  Along with career information, "Providers Alley" will have colleges and education programs in attendance as well as our area workforce service counselors. 

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