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Country breakfast on the farm


EYOTA, Minn. (KTTC)--  The excitement into Rochesterfest continues today with a special breakfast, and what better place to eat then where the food actually comes from and we're not talking about the grocery store.

Crowds of nearly 3,000 gathered in rural Eyota to get a taste of the farm life.

"I want them to get a look at modern agriculture. We work really hard to provide a healthy, safe product for consumers so they can go to the grocery store and enjoy milk, cheese, yogurt."

The Allen family runs Gar Lin Dairy farm an operation that sends out 9 semi's full of milk everyday, they say "It's a 24-hour thing here. We have seven to eight people running each shift 24/7."

Visitors got an up-close look at the milking parlor, horse rides and petting zoo's. Even for nurses who witness the miracle of life on a daily basis life on the farm didn't fail to impress.

A group of nursing students say, "Really pretty thing was a cow being born then a shocking thing was the other cow eating the placenta...quite shocking indeed."

Never the less the students took each lesson in stride. They jokingly state, "See I never got my O. B. experience in school, so now I get it in the full spectrum."

Now more than ever the 25 year tradition opens the eyes of many to where our food comes from

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