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String of overnight break-ins in Winona

WINONA, Minn. (KTTC)-- Winona police are investigating a series of overnight break-ins and robberies across town.

Police have confirmed that the break-ins happened sometime late last night into this morning. They're are not giving us many more details at this time.

However after talking to multiple business owners we know of at least four places that were broken into.

Mandala Tea Shop off of main street was one victim and owners say they are just thankful the place was not trashed inside.

Maintenance workers at Winona National Bank discovered a break-in there early this morning. It is not apparent that anything was taken.

Zaborowski Financial Services was also in the line-up.

Another place was the Visitors Center along Huff Street near Lake Winona had a rock thrown the back window and suspects stole a computer and VCR.

Visitor Services Coordinator, Mary Farrell says,"Our Visitor Center is used by people every day, people from Winona that stop in to use it while they're going around the lake and we get people from out of town that stop in so it does certainly feel like a violation of our's very shocking, very shocking."

Mary also says that luckily they were fortunate enough that it did not effect business hours for the visitors.

This is an ongoing investigation, details will be updated.

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