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Doggie treat; pet undergoes local stem cell operation


BYRON, Minn. (KTTC) -- It was a new experience for the four-legged patient Marley, and the same could be said for the staff as they learn how to perform in-house stem cell treatment.

There's a fear that comes with going under the knife.  For the rotwieler Lab Marley, Tuesday was about facing those fears.  "The femur is in this hand and the tibia is in this hand and the joints in the middle. That should not move forward like that," says Dr. Grennan Kelly of Meadow View Vet Clinic L.L.C.

Marley has two torn ligaments, one in each knee... which led to the owner's decision of stem cell treatment.  "When it comes down to it the procedure is not that difficult. And it's not that invasive to the pets. So there's lots of benefits," said Dr. Kelly.

Marley was part of Minnesota History at Meadow View Vet Clinic, being one of the first pets in the state to receive in-house stem cell treatment.

"We're utilizing parts of our body that is already there and then just supercharging it and making them better," says lab technician Jordan Smith.  Smith has been teaching the Meadow View staff how to use their new equipment that separates the stem cells from fat.

A process that used to be done outside the state.

"So we're not just masking the symptoms by using Rimadyl or Adequan which is our insets for our animals. We're actually regenerating that cartilage," said Smith.

Fat is gathered from Marley's mid-section.  Then separated from the stem cells.  And later injected into her ailing joints.

"Whatever joint is affected by arthritis or a ligament injury or tendon injury and get some healing there," said Dr. Smith.  "That's the natural process versus putting something artificial in the dog."

A process they hope will get this 14-month-old puppy up and playing once again.

The process continued after Marley awakes from her nap.  That when her knees will be injected with the stem cell formula.

Marley's full recovery is expected in about a month but each injury has its own timeline.

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