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Storms leave an imprint in Goodhue county

NEAR WANAMINGO, Minn. (KTTC)--  Gale force winds battered the countryside between Kenyon and Wanamingo Thursday night and when daylight came... we got a real idea of what had happened.

Just after 7 on Thursday, the storm ripped through rural Kenyon and Wanamigo. Homes were damaged, barns ripped apart and corn fields flattened. 

Storm Victim, Gaylen Ordalen says, "It sounded like a locomotive coming through the house."

Bruce Avittem explains, "It was unreal, I've never encountered anything like that before."

Leaving bits and pieces of buildings and trees in its wake. Dale Lutheran Church in Kenyon was struck so hard that just around 15 gravestones were blown off their stands. But that was only one victim to mother nature's treacherous storms.

Ordalen says, "My two fields that had corn in it about knee looks like it would have never been planted...the windows were all busted in, the roof was gone on the back so everything got wet and totaled out in the house instantaneously."

Aside from his house, Ordalen and his family lost their crops and several barns. He explains, "Wind evidently picked it up and took the foundation out from underneath it and it fell back down on the cattle."

Most of the cows survived. Behind them in the wrecked barn... A couple of cows had to be "put down" after being crushed by the debris.

Just down the road this man's shed remains in pieces. Jay Smith says, "The big one just lifted off, went over the house, went through the trees."

And if you take a look around Smith's yard you would never guess that he happened to be one of the luckier victims in the heart of all this. He says, "My stuff in the garage isn't hurt. My pick-up just had a little dent in the fender."

Snapped trees, broken windows, and displaced families, but as Smith explains, "I just thank god that nobody got hurt and all this can be replaced."

And on this "morning after," a countless number of neighbors just showed up to help put things back together.

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