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Celebrating Flag Day and the Pioneers'

LENORA, Minn. (KTTC) -- One historic church held a special service in honor of Flag Day, before Thursday's nationwide celebration. It was Lenora's historic United Method Church.

It's a step back to simpler times. The Historic Lenora United Methodist Church is the exact same nowadays, as it was in the 1850's, without electricity. Pioneers established the church, prior to the Civil War.

"There's a flag inside, it has 40-some stars on it, it's been on the wall ever since, it's a symbol that the people who came here many many years ago were very patriotic, very loyal to their country," explained John Goutcher, a Lay Person for the United Methodist Church.

A small crowd gathered, just days before Flag Day, to commemorate our freedoms, including the freedom to worship.

"We're going to talk about another flag, a flag that you can't buy at a store, a flag that you can't get from mail order or buy it in your house, it's the flag of faith," stated Goutcher.

A religious belief, which was a big part of the pioneers' life.

"I wonder how many times that flag has been raised in the last 150 years and how did the people feel, Did they feel any different? I don't think so," said Goutcher.

Proof, that freedom unites us all - although generations apart. It was in the 1920's the church stopped having an active congregation. Now the historic building is just used for special seasonal services. One of the more popular services is the churches "Old Fashioned Christmas" by candlelight.

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