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Grading the hospitals


ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC)--  It's shocking to think that more than 400 people die everyday from preventable hospital errors. That begs the safe are hospitals?

A national safety group called leapfrog has taken it upon themselves to grade hospitals around the country and here in Rochester both Saint Mary's and Mayo Clinic's Methodist hospital received an A.

Grades are based on how well the hospitals do preventing medical errors that kill tens of thousands of people each year.

Leapfrog graded 2,700 hospitals nationwide from A to F, based on a variety of safety measures Such as infections, medical mix-ups, bed sores.

This was an effort to simply the rankings for patient's safety, for people to easily see.

38 Minnesota hospitals were included in the report card, the rest were excluded because they were either too small or too specialized.

The goal is to identify the hospitals that need to improve and the new rating system give the public the power to put pressure on hospitals to make patient safety a priority.

Dr. Paula Santrach of Mayo Clinic says, "Patient safety is something that's very important in all the hospitals in the Mayo Clinic system and we have dedicated professionals who monitor safety, always looking for events and looking for opportunities."

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