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Recycling yards closer to solving thefts

ST. CHARLES/OWATANNA, Minn. (KTTC)--  Timm's Auto Salvage in St. Charles has been victim to repeated thefts and now they feel like they may know who's been behind it all along.

Owner Dean Bockenhauer says, "We just continuously added cameras because we had a good security system, but we found out it just wasn't quite right to read license numbers and to really get close ups of their faces so now there are just cameras everywhere."

Bockenhauer has run Timm's Auto Salvage for more than 30 years

"In the last few months its escalated just terribly," says Bockenhauer.

A rash of thefts...thousands of dollars of batteries, metals and radiators...and that doesn't include the hefty investment into surveillance that the business has had to add to it's bill.

Just after the most recent theft Dean contacted Watson Recycling, providing them with video and pictures of the suspects.

Jeremiah Watson helps run Watson Recycling in Oronoco and says, "Of course when they pulled in we knew who they were and that they had stolen them, but we wanted to kind of gather evidence for the police."

So Watson recycling paid the suspects for the batteries but immediately canceled the check and notified the police as well as Timm's Auto Salvage.

And now both companies hope the evidence will be enough to make an arrest.

Bockenhauer says, "The feeling that it's left's just so defeating because we thought this would be resolved a long time ago. We hope to see some justice. We hope to see them arrested and prosecuted and some restitution."

The investigation is ongoing but the Winona County Attorney's office will ultimately decide if there is enough clear evidence to charge any suspects.

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