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Geese in Silver Lake Park

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- The weather is getting nicer and its time to get outside, a popular destination in Rochester, Silver Lake Park.

But there's another two-legged visitor that it's also a hot spot for as well, the geese.

There area ton of geese out here tonight, you may remember a few years back that the city of Rochester put in all of this wild brush.

It is related to the geese, but it was never intended to push them out

The water quality in the Zumbro river was suffering because of animal waste, mainly from the geese that inhabit the area.

The barrier in a sense was to do the opposite of what may have been perceived by many. It is trying to keep the geese waste away from the water, so that the quality of it can be improved.

It was completely a water quality project. You know as long as people love geese and continue to feed geese and we continue to have green lawns the geese like to forge on, we will continue to have a geese population in Rochester, Said Rochester Environmental Coordinator Barbara Huberty

As for the geese population.

Barb said there is nothing in the works to try and limit the population mainly because it is very expensive and methods are highly controversial.

Geese typically like to see far distances so they will know if a predator was coming, that was one of the basis for the tall wild brush.

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