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Mississippi River water level on the rise


WABASHA, Minn. (KTTC) -- 

Thanks to recent heavy around the state of Minnesota, the Mississippi River is on the rise.

But because of a dry Winter, there is not much concern along it.

It just shows how crazy this past winter was that we are still talking about it's impacts as we are heading into June

A flood warning is in effect for Wabasha until the water begins to recede, but it is only expected to flirt with minor flood stage, which is 12 feet.

Slippery's Tavern is located right along the river and are prone to flooding.

This year even after the winter thaw, from whatever little snow we had, they didn't need to use sandbags because there just wasn't anything melting into the river.

Since river levels were so low, even after these heavy rains, the water won't rise to their deck.

"It's always in the back of your head, I mean this year, are we going to get water or not. This year the river was low the entire year so we knew it wasn't coming. Last year we had about three or four inches on the floor in the Dining Room," Said Steve Fessler, Owner of Slippery's Tavern and Ristorante

The owner told it me it looked like the 4th of July on the water on Memorial Day weekend.

Obviously temperatures were more indicative of that date, but again thanks to hardly any snow melt this year, water levels were much lower than normal and great for boating.

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