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Residents on the move

ST. CHARLES, Minn. (KTTC) --  With the slowly recovering economy, there are still struggles.  The trend of the housing market is people moving from rural areas to the cities.  We met with a few folks who were packing up their belongings and others who were unloading today in St. Charles, each with their own reasons.

"Put that on an angle," said Orvin Sweningson as he stood in the living room of his new house picking out the perfect spot for his new TV, admitting living in town will have its challenges.  "It's going to be tough. It's really going to be tough. Because I thought I'd never want to move off the farm."

For the last 80 years, Orvin has lived on a farm outside Utica with his wife.  "Well our health was giving out," he said.  "We thought we'd never move from the farm, but we were kind of forced to."

Not everyone is moving across the state, at least not in St. Charles. The McCarthys are leaving for Arizona. "Born and raised here, so it's going to be hard to leave because there's a lot of very wonderful people here," said Chuck McCarthy.

Chuck and Judy moved to St. Charles 40 years ago.  So why Arizona? 

"The taxes have gotten so high in Minnesota too and they are going higher and the cost of living," said Judy McCarthy.

Although they are retired, they say they'll still come back to visit.

The state and national home sales reports for April were released Tuesday, morning.  U.S. sales were up 3.4 percent .  Minnesota sales were up 0.3 percent with sale prices up 11.5 percent to $145,000.

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