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Governor Dayton signs stadium bill


ST. PAUL, Minn. (KTTC) -- Signed, sealed, and delivered.  Governor Mark Dayton puts his signature on a bill for a news Vikings stadium Monday afternoon.  The cost to the state for this $975-million stadium will be $348-million.

The plan is to pay that with electronic pull tabs and bingo at bars and restaurants. 

If that plan doesn't work, it will be made up with a stadium luxury suite tax and a lottery game. 

Details which will all be addressed down the line, but in the capitol Monday afternoon, it was all about living in the moment.

The capitols rotunda, was filled once again.  Not for a rally this time, but instead a resolution. 

With his pen in-hand. Governor Mark Dayton signs the stadium bill into law.  A bill that has had quite the journey through the legislative session.

"We earn it through dedicated people," said Gov. Dayton, "We earn it through dedicated businessmen and labor leaders and other who work together to make this project successful."

"I cannot believe the support that we have had from people throughout the state of Minnesota. I've never seen any support like it for any other issue," said Rep. Morrie Lanning, (R) Moorhead. "Thanks to them."

Voices protruded from the crowd, but not all were in support.

Lena Buggs strongly opposed the governor's signing.  "You decided to have the fore-thought to bail out a losing franchise! Shame on you Governor Dayton" she shouted, "Shame on you!"

After the signing Buggs explained her actions, "That money should have gone top job creation, health care, stopping foreclosures and evictions."

"We knew the Governor would sign this," said Scott 'Skolt' Asplund, a Vikings fan from Maple Grove, "That was never in question. He has been a great stalwart leader in getting this done."

Another fan from St. Paul, Jenny Garza has been at the capitol throughout the session, "It's like a Superbowl. Very happy. Very very happy," she said.

So now the attention focus shifts from the capitol in St. Paul to here, the current site of the Metrodome.  "The hard work begins now," says Vikings Owner Zygi Wilf, "To build this stadium will take everyone's efforts. This will be a team effort as it was to getting it approved."

And some are ready to get to work.

"As a carpenter I'm looking forward to getting back to work," said Minneapolis resident Donnie McMillan.  "We've been laid off too. Times have been hard. It's hard to put food on the table, pay for the gas... everything's getting expensive. It's our time for a little assistance now and that's what these jobs will create."

Construction on the new facility is slated to begin in 2013. 

The first season in the new facility will be in 2016. 

As it stands right now, the Vikings will play three years in the Metrodome and one in TCF Bank Stadium.

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