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Dressing on a dime: Ebay


ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC)-- We all like to look good... in fact, for us here at KTTC... dressing well is pretty much a requirement. Problem is, clothing bills can add up pretty quickly.

So to offset the expense, I shop local department and clothing stores all the time looking for great deals - if it says clearance, I'm there!

But when the racks are picked over....What do you do?
Tonight, in Dressing on a Dime, I want to share a couple of shopping secrets I used when buying a new wardrobe after being hired here at KTTC.
Last night we featured a number of consignment shops in our area that offer fabulous fashions at a fraction of what you'd pay retail.
To find a list of our local consignment store ... just log onto our website.
Tonight, I want to share with you my second secret to dressing on a dime: Shopping online. My favorite site: Ebay.
For example, I bought a pink jacket online, it retails for more than $500...I got it for $38!
And this red Jones of New York suit retails for about $300 dollars... I got it for $40.
This fun yellow blouse I wore just a couple of nights ago - retails for nearly $200 - and I got it for $20.
It's pretty easy...once you create an eBay account - you simply start shopping.
Go to the Women's fashion link and once there, you can select what you're shopping for - let's click into dresses.
Here's where you can get more specific: for example, what type of sleeves do you like, how long of a dress do you prefer, select your size and color choices...you can even enter the materials you prefer..and price range.
There's also a section for brands you prefer - making it easier if you know what fits you best.
Once you find what you like, check out how long it will be up for auction - and place your first bid.
Something else I really like..You can even set your maximum bid where eBay automatically ups your bid when you're not online to do it.
Be sure to check out shipping costs as they vary.
Another good thing to know is the return policy for each item.
It's just that easy...The best part of all this is, no matter where you buy your clothes: at one of our fabulous local retail stores, a consignment shop - or online.
Once you've worn something a few times - you can turn around and sell it: online or consign ... and stay on trend every season.
Check out our other Dressing on a dime story for more tips and a list of local consignment stores.
And have fun shopping ladies!
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