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Dressing on a dime

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC)-- For some of us, shopping for clothes can become an obsession.
It is for my producer, Dani Childs and me.
But keeping up with fashion can be really expensive.
However, I learned a few tips when shopping for an entirely new wardrobe once hired here at KTTC.
So Come along with Dani and me as we invite a deserved viewer, Lisa Sherrington, to an afternoon of shopping - and learn the secrets to dressing on a dime.
The first tip: Shopping Consignment stores.
One of the most inexpensive ways to update your wardrobe is with accessories.
Keep in mind that with a simple blouse or dress, your necklace, earrings and scarf should be your "wow" factor.
But when your outfit is the showstopper, your accessories should be more subtle.
And be open minded when shopping for accessories. Say you love a pendant and not the chain - buy it for the pendant and change out the chain...Same thing if a necklace is too short or long.
And this year, color, color, color, is where it's at. If you're too afraid to go there with your wardrobe, for sure - add that pop of color with accessories.
Shopping on a budget starts with key pieces like solid colored slacks or skirts that can be worn with a number of different tops/jackets or sweaters.
One piece can be the center of 5 different outfits.
It's so important to try things on. Remember, it's pre-owned and regardless of the size on the tag - it's possible it's previous owner had alterations done it.
Consigning can be so much fun, especially when you add several new pieces to your wardrobe for the price of just one new item.
Here's how Lisa faired.
Her first outfit was for her son's first communion.
The brocade jacket we found was $30.00
The brown shell was only $5.00
Cream cuffed slacks: $15.00
On-trend necklace and earrings - $15 for the pair.
Her shoes were from her own closet.
The total cost for her new outfit: $65.00...the price you'd easily pay for just one piece.
Next we had to find the perfect outfit for her sons outdoor wedding this month.
A bright colored halter dress: $18.00
A cream ruffled shawl: $8.00
A beaded necklace and earrings set: $12.00
And a pair of gold, dress sandals were $10.00
Total cost: $48.00...half the cost of the dress alone.
And finally her third outfit - something casual and comfortable she could wear the day after the wedding for brunch and opening presents.
A brilliant poppy colored blouse was only $10.00.
The same gold necklace and earrings from before - so we wont add those into the cost. Same goes with the slacks and shoes.
Total cost for the "day after the wedding" outfit was only $10.00.  
Bringing the total amount spent on three fabulous outfits to: $123.00
When shopping consignment, don't be afraid to ask if it's their best price...there's no harm in asking.
Also, shop often as they bring in new clothes all the time.
And if you find several things you like at one particular store- talk to the owner and ask her to call you when items in your size come in.
There's a good chance those items belong to one consigner.
We've put a list a local consignment shops here on our website.
Now, I have ONE more shopping tip that really helped me pull my on-air wardrobe together...find out what it is tomorrow night at 10.
Consignment Shops
1.      Kismet Clothing : 252-9717
601 Broadway Ave N, Rochester
2.      Refashion: 281-0808
321 S. Broadway, Rochester
3.      All in Vogue: 280-4416
Miracle Mile Shopping Center
32 17th Ave NW, Rochester
4.      Size-it-Up: 288-7493
318 Elton Hills Dr. NW, Rochester
5.      Phenomenal Women: 732-7500
340 South Main, Zumbrota
6.      Perfect Fit Plus Size: 474-2571
505 W. 5th Street, Winona
7.      Savers:  536-3954
201 S. Broadway, Rochester
8.      Salvation Army Thrift Store:  281- 1561
201 9th St. SE, Rochester
9. Nu on U: 286-8668
200 Broadway Ave N, Rochester
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