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Mass concrete pour in downtown Rochester


ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- Something really huge is happening at Mayo Clinic's newest venture - the largest continuous concrete pour in the history of Rochester.

A steady stream of concrete was poured at the site of Mayo's new Proton Beam Therapy building Thursday.

"It is a 5,400 yard concrete pour," explained Joe Toronto, project superintendent at Knutson Construction.

To break it down, that's equivalent to 540 concrete trucks.

"I've never poured anything this large, it is a company record," stated Toronto.

In fact, it's more than just a company record.

"We have contacted other companies from the cities and here in Rochester to pose the question to them whether they've ever achieved anything of this magnitude and the closest thing we've come up to are pours at 3,500 yards," explained Toronto.

That's 2,000 yards less, or 200 concrete trucks fewer, than what Mayo Clinic is doing. Rochester Ready Mix is providing the concrete and lots of it.

"The base slabs for the treatment rooms. This area is 14-feet thick, 187 feet long, it's extremely thick, mass concrete as a way of shielding and protection," explained Toronto.

To make sure everything flows smoothly, Rochester Ready Mix isn't serving any other contractors for a 24-hour period. As for the workers safety? That's still the number one priority. If severe storms push through the area, the concrete pour will stop until there's no longer a threat of lightning.

Proton Beam Cancer Therapy is a precise way of administering radiation with a beam that's pencil-thin. The therapy allows the delivery of higher doses of radiation to malignant and benign tumors, while minimizing the damage to surrounding healthy tissue and organs. The project is set to be complete in 2015.

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