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New Vikings Stadium Proposal?

ST. PAUL, Minn. (KTTC) -- Governor Dayton and Republicans were in a heated debate today at the capitol. The drama all began after a proposal was brought forward yesterday of building a new Vikings stadium without a roof. The Governor still isn't sold on the G-O-P lawmaker's sudden proposal, but is "warming" up to the idea.

It was another busy day at the State Capitol as the Governor met with lawmakers to discuss their alternative Vikings stadium bill. House Majority Leader Representative Matt Dean is heading up the new proposal and suggests it should be added to the statewide bonding bill.

"How can we provide a clean deal to finance this with general obligation bonds, which is the way we pay for all our infrastructure through the bonding bill," asked Representative Dean.

To break it down: general obligation funds, or public funds, support the building of state roads, bridges and buildings and all of the money comes out of the bonding bill. Democrats said they can't understand why "now" on May 2nd this proposal was brought forth. Furthermore, a lot of details are missing.

"There is a serious question whether a private tenant the anchor tenant can enter into an exclusive 40-year of a public building and have that still meet the general purpose requirements under the constitution for general obligation bonding," exclaimed Sen. Tom  Bakk.

The Governor said he wishes the Senate and the House floors would vote on the stadium bill, which has already passed through committees's. At this point in the game, he is willing to listen to the G-O-P proposal.

"I want a stadium that is structurally and financially sound and will put thousands of people to work and keep the Minnesota Vikings here, and if that means continuing to work and look at another possibility than I'm certainly willing to do that," said Governor Dayton.

During discussion Wednesday afternoon, Republicans agreed the new stadium should have a roof.

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