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Red Bull soldiers return from Kuwait


ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC)--  Nearly 500 soldiers returned to be united with their families at armories all around the state Monday and Tuesday.

The troops are among the seventh and eighth waves of the first Brigade Combat Team and their welcome couldn't have been any better.

Signs, shirts and flags awaited as the buses made an entrance into Rochester's National Guard Armory.

The 70 or so soldiers returning to Rochester are part of the 34th Red Bull Infantry Division that escorted the last convoy out of Iraq in December. During their Kuwait deployment, the brigade provided multiple types of security and training.

After unloading bags and once shuffled inside the armory, they had one last formation before the hugs and tears continued. Then the soldiers were free to be among loved ones.

Specialist Spencer Stevens embraced his family as he came off the bus and says, "That is most exciting...for the last year we've been basically video chatting so it's been a little separation and you come back to the whole thing now and actually get to touch and hold them and see how they've grown."

A very special moment for all the soldiers.

The group is a part of the nearly 2,500 Minnesota soldiers who have been returning from deployments in Kuwait, giving them the distinction of being the largest deployment of Minnesota National Guard soldiers since World War Two

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