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Vikes could benefit from active bill


St. PAUL, Minn. (KTTC) --  It wasn't a threat from the NFL - but a clear warning to the Minnesota legislature to get back on track regarding the Vikings.  Meanwhile a bill is making its way through the Taxes Committee that indirectly, could have an impact on a new stadium.

That bill, in basic terms, is to give a tax break to charity gaming organizations.  Which could have an impact in the Vikings future plans as the biggest hurdle for funding the new stadium has been the issue of gambling. Governor Dayton, Thursday morning, reacted to comments from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell who's expected to be in St. Paul Friday to lobby for the Vikings stadium bill. .

"He didn't show any threats or anything," said Dayton. "It was more of a warning that if it isn't passed this session, the league itself beyond the Vikings, the league itself has serious concerns about the viability of the franchise here and the future of it here."

Supporters have been scrambling since a House panel rejected the latest stadium funding plan earlier this week.

"I'm glad the NFL has stepped to the plate and is saying 'get this done or else,'" said Rep. Greg Davids, R-Preston.  "Well where has the NFL been? If they had taken this sort of full court press on a month ago when it got stalled in the senate Committee, I think we'd have the deal done by now."

Rep. Davids is the chair of the Taxes Committee that is looking at new version of a familiar bill.

"It's the bill that we actually had last year that started all of this," said King Wilson of Allied Charities of Minnesota. "That's basically to get some significant reduction in charitable gambling taxes and reform in our tax system. And the revenues that going to give is the reform and relief is going to come from the electronic pull tabs and the electronic link Bingo."

It's a bill which protects charities if gambling becomes a go. "Like I said, no general fund money," said Rep. Davids. "Let's find other ways to pay for it and let's keep the Vikings in the state."

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