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Could airborne fireworks be legalized in Minnesota?

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ST. PAUL, Minn. (KTTC) -- If anyone in Minnesota is hoping to shoot off their own fireworks this summer there's a good chance they are heading out of state to buy them.  However, a new bill being introduced at the state capitol Wednesday, could change all that.

Senate co-author author of the bill, Sen. Mike Jungbauer (R) East Bethel, is looking for a way to expand the sale of fireworks in Minnesota. "I like fireworks," said Sen. Jungbauer. "Actually when I was the mayor of East Bethel we used to go over to Wisconsin and buy a huge array of fireworks and put them off illegally. People knew about it. The local law enforcement knew about it so we tried to be very safe and let people know."

With this bill, Jungbauer hopes to put an end to Minnesota residents spending their money elsewhere.

"It's almost impossible to grasp what the true number is because you're doing something illegal," said Sen. Jungbauer. 

Fireworks that do not leave the ground are already legal in Minnesota. However the aerial ones are not.  So if this bill gets passed everyone going to be on board?

Stacy Gydesen of Stillwater believes so.  "I think it's the person using them more so than the actual firecrackers," said Gydesen.  "But I do believe that they should be legal in Minnesota."

"It doesn't really matter to me either way," said Debbie Haley of Rochester.  "I don't set off fireworks and don't have any interest in doing that."

"I would be concerned on the 4th of July and the days leading up that some fireworks would be flying toward our house or toward my kids outside playing," said Lisa Epp of Rochester.  "And even though I'm supervising them it would be a fear that that could harm them."

However, Jungbauer says fireworks just need to be used with caution.

"So I don't, believe we're actually going to have more fireworks in Minnesota per say, we'll just be buying and using the things we are already using."

In the meantime, Jungbauer and his backers hope to have bottle rockets flying by the Fourth of July.

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