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Still running: 34th annual Fools Five

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LEWISTON, Minn. (KTTC) -- 34 years and still running strong.  Sunday, was the annual Fools Five Race in Lewiston, which attracted more than 3.000 participants... all in the name of fighting cancer.

The race has come a long way over the years explained the Race Director Dianne Rislow.  "In the first year there was 220 runners and we raised $2,232."  This year, $78,000.  "People come for whatever reason they have in their heart that day."

Some hearts were heavy with the recent passing of their local pastor, Leah Cook.

"We had planned to walk with her in this race," said participant Dave Benson. "And sadly enough her funeral was yesterday so we're going ahead full steam as our group yet."

Pastor Cook lost her battle with cancer last week.

Her group sported the blue cookie monster baseball caps... a group of more than 200.

"Congregation. The whole community has really loved and supported. And that's why we are here today."

The story behind having cookie monster on the blue baseball caps for Pastor Leah Cook was because of her high school nickname "Cookie."  The selling of the caps netted $1,600 including donations.  That money will go to support the local Lewiston Cancer support group.

Others race to return to their roots.

Like 8-time all American and National Champion Garrett Heath and his brother Elliott of Winona who took the top two places in the 8K.

"It was something Elliott and I were really excited to come back for and just be a part of it and see all of these great people again," said Garrett. "The people who have really contributed to us getting to where we are today.  So yeah it's awesome."

Longtime participant Joanne Prigge was honored as this year's trigger-puller.

"It means a lot, because I've gone through the cancer part of it. And I just look back and think of everything I have gotten to see," said Prigge.

As the National Anthem rang out and the moment drew near, Main Street Lewiston soon became a fury of feet.  Each participant with their own reasons to be here.

"Once you see the other people here today you'll understand that I'm not the only one who's passionate about this," said Rislow.

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