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Health care reform anniversary


ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC)-- President Obama's landmark healthcare reform marked its two-year anniversary today.

Democratic representative Tina Liebling joined local Mayo doctors and nurses to advocate for the law and discuss its local benefits.

The Obama administration is full swing as they advocate for the health care reform, but the U.S. Supreme court will be hearing arguments on Monday in response to petitions filed by business groups, the Obama administration and 26 states.

Obama health care bans insurance companies from dropping coverage and provides free preventative services.

DFL Representative Tina Liebling says, "1.4 million Minnesotans can now get free preventative care under their health insurance policies."

It also bans benefit limits, but mandates that everyone must have health care insurance or face a penalty.

Liebling went on to say, "If they want to run against having insurance available for people with pre-existing conditions...if they want to run against closing the donut hole for seniors and letting them buy their drugs, be able to afford their drugs...let them. We are proud of this.

Friday Representative Liebling joined local nurses and doctors in support of President Obama's healthcare laws. The conference took place on the peace plaza, with Mayo Clinic looming in the background--coincidentally a place that has had a very active role in the issue.

Two years ago Mayo Clinic was lobbying the Obama administration and congress for health care reform to reflect value of medical care. President Obama frequently invoked the Mayo name during health care speeches.

The health care law puts an end to denying people with pre-existing conditions and allowing dependents to remain on a guardians insurance until they are 26.

One Mayo nurse spoke about the personal struggle to get insurance for her 22 year old autistic son (before the reform was passed), saying, "After 34 years of work as a nurse and my own son can not have health care until President Obama enacted the Affordable Health Care Act and I know my son along with the millions of people across this country can attest just as I did that the addition of this has been a miracle."

However many Business groups, individuals and several states have challenged the mandate within the health care arguing that it is unconstitutional.

The court's decisions will determine whether everyone must comply with the mandate.

The decisions are expected in June - when the presidential election campaign will be in full swing.

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