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Monday evening storms cause damage in some areas

ELYSIAN, Minn. (KTTC) -- Residents of Elysian were taking the day to cleanup after storms rolled through Monday night and some of them packed quite a punch.

"And then the wind and pretty soon I seen my storage shed going across the highway."

At around 5:30 Monday evening rain was not even falling from the sky.

"Housekeeper comes home from work and says it started to sprinkle. I said it is not I just came in the house," said Jim Peterson

But just a short while later, Jim Peterson's two sheds were blown across highway 60 destroying all that was inside them.

"You could hear it coming. People from Wilderness Bar across the road said they seen a funnel," said Peterson

The ferocious winds were estimated to be higher than 60mph and were blamed for knocking down trees, numerous power poles and taking shingles off of many houses.

Everyone inside the house was fine and the good news out of E was that there were no injuries reported, just some stories to tell.

"My mower deck weighs about 100 pounds, it was in the middle of highway 60 and it sat right next to a 20 inch bike that never moved. I got Styrofoam that never moved. Storm does crazy things," said Peterson

Hopefully this not a sign of things to come this storm season, seeing that this is only March.

That national weather service survey team confirmed that the damage was both straight line wind damage as well as an EF-0 Tornado. That is the second earliest known occurrence of a tornado touchdown in the state of Minnesota.

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