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New eagle cam run by elementary school students

BLAIR, Wisconsin (KTTC) -- By now, you've probably heard of how the Decorah Eagles have captivated the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people.  Now there is a new Eagle cam that you can check out with a different story behind it.

It is a little different than the Eagle cam in Decorah in the sense that it is a science project for elementary school kids in a small Wisconsin town.  Not only that, but all of the updates about Larry and Lucy on their web site come right from these kids.

Just like the Beatles had the Stones, the Decoroah Eagles now have to make room for two up and coming stars.

A 3rd and 4th grade class from Blair-Taylor school in Blair Wisconsin have been monitoring An Eagles nest just outside of town for the last two years.

"We installed the camera above the nest last year, kids created the web page, everything was going great, but we just didn't have eggs, a little bit of a disappointment. So this year we started it back up again we are fortunate to have an egg last Friday at 4:30 and one this past Monday at 7:00," said Mike Lawrence, the teacher in charge of the project.

Now that there are two eggs in the nest and likely a third on the way, there is now excitement through Mr. Lawrence class as they observe the Eagles everyday.

"Larry sits on a branch above the nest and Lucy is usually sitting on the egg when he's up there," said Julia, a student at Blair-Taylor Elementary

"She doesn't let Larry lay on them that much because she doesn't trust him. That's probably my favorite part that she doesn't trust him," said Elizabeth, a student

And it's not just the small town of Blair that has been keeping an eye on things.

"There was one from Hawaii I think kind of far away so I didn't think we'd get one there. It's pretty cool, cause just kids made this web site, 3rd and 4th graders so it's cool that we're getting hits from all the way in Hawaii and everything," said Rachel, a student.

"This is the graph of how many viewers we have each day," said Braeden, a student

Their highest viewership is 1543 in one day and they hope to get much more.

We have a link on our web site to where you can find the live eagle cam.  Check it out and help those kids get some more views.  It's something pretty special.

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