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Spring thaw road restrictions going into effect


ELGIN, Minn. (KTTC) -- Crews around southeastern Minnesota are out Monday changing weight restrictions on area roadways.  

Every year at about this time because of the warming temperatures road restrictions are put in place all in an effort to prevent damage to them.  

MNDOT limits truck weights to protect the road conditions during the spring thaw.  This morning on Wabasha county road 25 the limit was being changed from nine tons to seven tons.  With these changes, people in the trucking business will have to find alternate routes to make their deliveries for the time being.

"It doesn't really put more stress on us, it's just something that we have to live with, you know fuel is going up so a few extra miles is affecting us somewhat, but it's just something we know is going to come very year and we just deal with it," said Darla Hershey, Safety Director at Elgin Milk Service.

Ending dates for the spring loading restrictions will be determined by monitoring the strength of the roadways as weather conditions continue to change.

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