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Marine mom bake sale

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC)--  A marine corps "mom" has mobilized the Rochester community this week, to give her son and his marine corps unit the best chance possible of making it out of Afghanistan alive.

Zach is a corporal in the Marine Corps and he is about to lead his unit into harms way into Helmand Province of Afghanistan.

Our forces in Afghanistan have come under disastrous circumstances and some of our men and women have come home without arms and legs.

Retired marine, Jay Anderson says, "What we have with IED's now--we have loss of limbs and when you lose limbs you lose blood. If we have a way to stop blood loss we have a way to save lives."

That's what's on Zach's mind. Before he and his battalion are deployed, he wants to get his men the best tourniquets possible.

His mother-in-law, Donna Marie Wilson, explains her conversation with him, "He said mom don't be mad when you see the statement next month. I have to buy tourniquets and I said 'Hey wait, what are you doing? Let me do something."

So Donna Marie along with her friend Cyndi Andrist got things cooking. The ladies are putting on a bake sale to raise enough money for the troops to get more reliable tourniquets than what they have now.

Andrist explains, "It takes two hands to put on the ones now and one hand with new ones..more durable."

Being a former marine himself Jay Anderson explains how the marines are the first to go in for battle. They act faster than any other branch.

Without the government stepping in to help buy the proper equipment, the mothers are doing their best to raise money.

Cookies, bread and more-- this marine mom bake sale is helping to make sure our men and women have the best chance possible.

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