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Morale rising with stock markets


ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- The Dow Jones closed Wednesday beneath Tuesday's 13-thousand point mark. Market Analysts say it's not just good news for Wall Street, but it's good news for 401-K retirement accounts across the country.

But what about you?

One might think the good news would cause a reaction to local investors.  But that's not the case.  Because the climb back to this four-year high has been so gradual, it doesn't have the phones ringing off the hook at Edward Jones just yet.

"It's hard to say if we are going to do any cartwheels because the market hit 13,000 yesterday and the bad markets are over with. I think we are still going to have volatility," said financial advisor Don Charlson.

Charlson has been giving financial advise for over twenty years.  "We bounced off up in the 13's and got even higher than that in the year 2008," he said.  "And here we are just coming back near that spot."

It's a refreshing thought for those who have been keeping their eye on their portfolios during this time.  Robert Anthony is one of those investors. 

"After seeing the stock market go up and everything it really makes me happy because it makes me feel like we're in some type of recovery," said Anthony.

"My husband and I are with two separate investment advisors simply because this was a later marriage," said investor Nancy Anderson. "And we have both been very very happy. Again we're right back and over what we were in 2008."

Charlson explained regional companies like IBM, Target, and Fastenal have continued to grow regardless of how the market is fluctuating.  "The earnings reports from the companies that the United States' investor is investing into," he said. "Those companies are all very steadily raising their revenues. They're raising their earnings..."

Mark Schleusner holds stock in companies like IBM and AT&T.  "I look for investments that actually pay a dividend," said Schleusner. "Because with the stock markets be as a roller coaster as they are, as long as they are giving me some sort of return, whether they are going up or going down, I'm going to be happy."

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