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ADHD prescription trend


WINONA, Minn. (KTTC)-- The transition from high school to college can be overwhelming.

Winona State University student, Holly Anderson says, "When I got here and there was so much more that I had to take in, in such a short amount of time that was like know this, know this, know this. and it's all go to be due in one day."

Like Holly many students have to find a way to focus. For her it was a quite room and music, but for nearly half of her classmates it is something referred to as the "study drug".

College students across America are abusing Adderall and other ADHD medications to give themselves a little extra boost, during those stressful times.

Miranda is a WSU student and she says, "A lot of people take it especially during finals because then they say they can focus.

Students are often cramming weeks of studying into those final nights.

Holly explains, "That's when all the papers get assigned. That's when all the projects get assigned on top of all the tests you have to study for."

And on a college campus the drugs are not hard to find.

Conlan is also a student. He states, "I know friends who will just kind of loan them out for favors."

Although adderall and ritalin might sound like wonder drugs that can help student's study for hours--the drugs are amphetamine-based meaning they can be habit-forming. The misuse of these drugs are known to cause headaches, stomach problems and may even lead to psychosis.

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