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Early robins, signs of spring?


NEAR ELBA, Minn. (KTTC) -- The calendar may still indicate that it's winter but signs of spring are popping up in southeastern Minnesota.

Whitewater State Park is bursting with little indications of the next season like budding trees, hatching insects, and birds singing their spring songs.

While we're seeing the signs, spring isn't necessarily here to stay. That could mean some of the leaves showing up late.

Assistant park manager, Roger Heimgartner explains, "if the trees get anymore growth and then we have a hard freeze the trees will have to start over and we could see them arrive late."

Heimgartner also has noticed maple trees are already starting to flow with sap. He says while it's exciting that the sap is flowing early it could cause problems for maple syrup production if trees aren't tapped early enough. The best sap flows at the beginning.


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