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House on fire, man escapes by jumping from second story window

STOCKTON, Minn. (KTTC) -- A man from Stockton made a split decision that likely saved his life as his house was going up in flames. We know more about his last few terrifying moments before jumping two stories.

Darren Gereau woke up to four fire alarms blaring early Sunday morning. The fire broke out home on Almon Drive just south of Stockton.

Gereau awoke and ran to his bedroom door, but the flames were already creeping down the hallway. It was then Winona County Sheriff Dave Brand said Gereau knew he had to jump.

"He said when he looked out the second story window flames were already coming out of the first floor, it was either stay in the home or jump, so he jumped," said Sheriff Brand.

After jumping, Gereau ran to the other side of his house and grabbed his dog from its kennel. After saving his dog, he then called police while laying on the ground because of the pain he was in from jumping.

Sheriff Brand said it's a sad situation. Gereau is lucky to be alive. His house is a total loss, all he has left are the clothes on his back. He hopes to live in a shed on his farm site until he can rebuild.

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